Who is Feng-yűn Song

Is Feng-yűn Song a Chinese name?

"Song" is a standard Chinese family name, especially appropriate as a name for a singer :-) According to Chinese custom, the transcription of the whole name is "Song Fengyun". Transcribed phonetically into Czech as "Feng-jűn", it is pronounced as "Feng-ťűn" by the Chinese. To make reading the name easier for both nations, the singer has opted for an artistic name: Feng-yűn Song. The proper pronunciation by the Czech speaker is: feng-jűn song.

Feng-yűn Song Ph.D., CSc.

Chinese singer, voice teacher, trainer and therapist living in Prague. Making use of a wide scale of musical, teaching and cultural activities she strives to provide and improve social education, intercultural dialogue, human understanding and tolerance, and quality of life. She is a proponent of the natural path to health and of a healthy lifestyle. Her motto: music vibrates through the body and purifies the soul; it has no boundaries and uplifts the human spirit.

She was born and raised in northeast China, in the town of ten Jiamusi. She studied the Czech language at the Institute of Foreign Languages in Beijing between 1983 - 1985, and in 1985 she came to Prague to study the Czech Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. She concluded her studies in 1994 with her doctoral dissertation work "Comparison of Somatic Phrasemes and Idioms in the Chinese and Czech languages". She has been active on the Czech musical and cultural scene since 1995.


At age 6 she started learning Beijing Opera, which she then studied for 12 years under Mrs. Shang Chuej-min, famed Chinese opera personality, singer and actress, and disciple of the famous Shang family school.

  • In 1972, she won numerous singing competitions for children, young people and students in China.
  • In 1994-1995 she worked as a guest host in the Czech radio show The Musical Roulette, Tea Room.
  • She has been performing for Czech audiences since 1994; in 1995, accompanied by the drummer and percussionist Alan Vitouš, she received the “Special Award" of the Czech Musical Fund and the "Silver Bell" award at the International Festival of Radio Music Shows in Shanghai.
  • She has devoted herself to vocal improvisation since 1995.
  • Since 1999 she has been studying classical singing and various other singing styles with Prof. Jiří Kotouč, Prof. Libuše Válková, Mgr.Tereza Roglová.
  • During 2002 – 2003, she moderated the TV show Dialogues with Vojta Lavička.
  • Since 2005 she has had guest appearances on numerous CDs (Jan Burián, Vladimír Václavek, Indies MG, Etnofest 1 with Ida Kelarová, Zuzana Lapčíková, Lotos Praha).
  • In 2007, accompanied by her PUO trio, she won the "Crystal" award at the International Music Fair in the Chinese metropolis of Changsha.

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Teacher, Trainer and Therapist:

  • Since 1983, she has been a trainer of traditional Tai chi and Chi-kung.
  • Between 1992 – 1998 she taught improvisational acting as part of Jaroslav Dušek’s team at the Jaroslav Ježek State Conservatory.
  • Since 1995 she has been studying traditional Chinese medicine (massage, Chi kung, I ching therapy).
  • Since 1999 she has been participating in international seminars on Tai chi chuan, Chen style: Tao Camp with the grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.
  • Between 1999 - 2003 she taught acting as part of Václav Martinec’s team at the Acting College in Prague - Michle.
  • Since 2001 she has been collaborating with the Czech Orff Society lecturer, and Mgr. Jana Žižková.
  • Since 2003 she has been teaching locomotion at the Musical/Acting Department at the State Conservatory in Prague.
  • Since 2005 she has been organizing therapeutic voice and breathing seminars for the Czech public. She became a tutor of the international seminar on musical improvisation at the JAMU Academy in Brno, and at the Faculty of Music at the Hannover University in Germany.
  • Since 2010, she has been a member of the Pa-kua čchi-kung Numeric Therapy Study Program at the Institute for Natural Medicine in China.

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Prestigious Awards

  • Master of Ceremonies at the Czech national Day at the Shanghai 2010 EXPO with Marek Eben, musical performances with Emil Viklický on site
  • European Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue in 2008
  • První cena „Křišťál“ (za doprovodu kapely trio PUO) na Mezinárodním hudebním veletrhu v Changsha 2007, ČLR
  • First place „Crystal“ award (accompanied by her PUO trio) at the Changsha International Musical Fair, 2007, China
  • Second place „Silver Bell“ award (accompanied by Alan Vitouš) at the international Festival of Radio Musical Shows in Shanghai, 1995, China
  • „Special award“ of the Czech Musical Fund (accompanied by Alan Vitouš) at the Bohemia Prix Festival of Radio Shows in Poděbrady, Czech Republic, 1995