Once, after a long social occasion, I felt the desire to take a solitary walk.

"Can I go with you?", a friend, the editor of a well-known magazine, asked me. Quite frankly I would have preferred to be alone. So I joked, "if you don't mind being silent with me..." and she replied, without hesitation, "Okay, we'll be silent." And we silently walked the streets, country roads, along the cemetery and on and on. Finally we felt like talking, and so we did. It was one of the most inspiring walks I have ever taken.

There are still so many things you can do alone, thank God. We eat alone, dress alone, breathe alone and create alone. But you do not create "a work" alone. If you cook something good, who is going to eat it? If you sing a song, who is going to listen? If you get a wise idea, who is going to understand it? Can anyone beget a child alone? Solitude is a little piece of silence inside, a gift from nature. It shines when shared.


How to Enjoy the Day

The first silent breath opens the sleepy, dreamy eyes. The first glass of lukewarm, boiled water refreshes the eyes and sharpens the mind. If we keep this drinking regime up all day, and if we invite our closest to share a glass, it will pay off. It is also good to take a slow and deep breath between glasses, cups, bottles, jugs and bowls. Drinking and breathing creates rails on which everything else will run like a smooth train: a little planned work, a walk in the town and in the country, reading a book, standing in line at the post office, observing a tree or flowers near the road or on the balcony, a chitchat with the clerk at the grocery store, if she's not too busy... Staring idly for two to three minutes is also worth it.

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