Musical Projects

Creator / Tutor of "Vocal Self-Therapy"

A self-cultivating and therapeutic seminar program on healthy voice expression and proper breathing methods for singers and non-singers alike, with topics ranging from body perception to emotions; see Vocal Self Therapy.

Author of concert projects:

Voice Painting

(since 2008)A program of vocal concerts by the singer Feng-yűn Song, based on voice improvisation using various ethnic motifs from Asia (China, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea, the Uighur region and Siberian nations), Moravia and elsewhere. Simple musical motifs are developed into poetic sound paintings. The program is not limited by genre, style, expression or to a particular voice technique. The program is full of emotive charge, creating a spontaneous musical space for the listeners.

CD album :
Malba hlasem - I Do Not Sing, Feng-yűn Song Production, 2010 Prague
Feng-yűn Song / singing, voice
Jaroslav Kořán / drums, percussion, Dreamer's Horologe

Vocal recital

(since 2008)
L. Janáček: Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs
B. Martinů: Songs on One Page, Songs on Two Pages, Nový špalíček
Antonín Dvořák: Selections from Biblical Songs, Songs in the National Tone

Repertoire in Czech and Chinese.

Vocals: Feng-yűn Song
Piano: Lenka Navrátilová or Jana Holmanová

Feng-yűn Song and the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra

(since 2006)
Repertoire: folk songs from China and Moravia accompanied by the composer and jazz pianist Emil Viklický and The Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra.
CD / DVD album
: The Year of the Mouse Concert 2008

Feng-yűn Song and PUO

(since 2005)
(Pohořelec Art Orchestra)
The band was established by the singer Feng-yűn Song and three Czech jazz musicians (Michal Nejtek/piano, Petr Tichý/double bass, Tomáš Herián/drums) in 2005. The band plays original jazz, songs and improvisations, and adaptations of original Asian songs. In 2006, the band released its first CD "Wild Flower" (Indies Records MG). The group has played many successful shows and has won critical acclaim on the Czech World Music scene and abroad. In 2007, pianist Marek Novotný joined the band, and Feng-yűn Song won the „Crystal“ award at the international music fair in Čchang-ša in China. After a two-year break, the band is back with new members. The current lineup promises that the new repertoire will be very vivacious.

CD album:
Wild Flower, Indies MG Recods, 2006 Brno

Feng-yűn Song / singing, voice
Marek Novotný / piano
Petr Tichý / double bass
Jaroslav Kořán/ drums, percussion, the Dreamer's Horologe
Tokhi (guest) / ethnic drums, percussion

Technical requirements
(unplugged performance also available upon request)

Sound system:
Vocal: 1 vocal microphone
Double bass: 1 microphone and 1 line for the double bass pickup (2x XLR, 1 monitor)
Piano (or digital piano): 1 or 2 microphones (preferably 2), 1 monitor
Drums and percussion: 4 microphones (if possible two condenser mics or very sensitive and high quality ones), stereo input from the computer sound card - two mono jacks, 1 monitor
Ethnic drums and percussion (guest): cajon (1 mic), surdo (1 mic), djembe (1 mic) overhead (2 mics)

8 - 10 microphones + 1 line
Monitors: 4 - 5

Concert projects of Feng-yűn Song in previous years:

Feng-yűn Song and the Mountain Caravan

(1999 - 2006)
The project originated in 1999, when Feng-yűn Song met the composer and pianist Martin Smolka for the first time. Helena and Jiří Vedralovi joined the duo later, resulting in original and unique music full of rhythm and color. The project presents original folk songs from various places in China, Tibet, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Uighur region and other Asian nations. Although this is music having Asian roots, it also music that transcends genres. In 2003, Martin Smolka was replaced by the multi-talented jazzman Bharata Rajnošek. Feng-yűn Song and The Mountain Caravan played many successful concerts, in places like The Archa Theater, Akropolis Palace and Rudolfinum. They were also featured in the TV show Noc s Andělem.

CD album: Mountain Caravan (Black Point, 2001 Prague), Song from the Dragon Boat (New Gate, 2004 Praha)

Feng-yűn Song /singing
Helena Vedralová / violin, baritone violin, viola, singing
Jiří Vedral / guitar, mandolin, kobala, flutes, singing
Bharata Rajnošek / saxophone, trumpet, flute, keyboards
Alan Vitouš (guest) / drums, percussion
Petr Dvorský (guest) / double bass

Feng-yűn Song and Richter Band

(2003 - 2004)The indefatigable singer Feng-yűn Song took a step in a new direction in 2003 - 2004, this time in collaboration with the Czech guitarist Pavel Richter and his band, where Eastern folk music met Czech "underground".

Feng-yűn Song in the Sun Orchestra

(2000 - 2003)
The singer's successful collaboration with the distinctive and original musicians of the dynamic Sun Orchestra began in 2000, and resulted in numerous concerts. They recorded the album Sun Meets Song (2001), where Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Korean and Japanese songs combine with surprising ease with wild African rhythms and Brazilian samba. The project lasted until 2003.

CD album: Sun Meets Song (Faust Records, 2001 Praha)

Feng-yűn Song / singing
Miloš Vacík / drums, ethnic drums and percussion
Aleš Kudela / soprano saxophone, clarinet, flutes and recorders
Fredrik Janáček / double bass, guitar, lute and mandolin

Feng-yün Song and multijazzman Alan Vitouš

(1994 - 1998)
The first musical project of Feng-yűn Song with the top Czech drummer and percussionist Alan Vitouš offers a selection of the Beijing opera arias and Chinese folk songs from various regions. Vitouš colors the ethnic Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Mongolian, and Japanese folk songs with his varied "ethnic kitchen" of percussion instruments and drums. Owing to their unique musical expression, the two musicians combine to create a mystical atmosphere filled with tension and drama.

Author of Plays

  • Small staging of the Beijing Opera „Cat and Mouse"
    Chinese festival - the year of the mouse festivities, 2008
  • small staging of the Beijing Opera „Monkey Welcomes the Rooster"
    Studio Feng-yűn Song, Ostrava 2005
  • small staging of the Beijing Opera „M. Butterfly"
    directed by: Jiří Seydler
    Východočeské Theater Pardubice, Pardubice 2004
  • small staging of the Beijing Opera „The King of the Apes"
    Archa Theater, Prague 2004
  • Beijing Opera in the Czech language
    „On the Hill of the Crosses", Acting College, Prague, 2003
  • Rozhlasová hra pro Český Rozhlas "Znamení lva", režie: Aleš Vrzák 2009
  • Rozhlasová hra pro Český rozhlas "Soudce Ti", režie: Hana Kofronková, 2006


Baroque musical play „Marné tázání nebes"
directed by: P.A. Pitínský
Archa Theater, Prague, 2001

Musical „ČajovnaKarMa"
directed by: Jana Svobodová
Archa Theater, Prague 2003