Vocal Self-Therapy

All voice seminars in the program "Vocal Self-Therapy" are suitable for both "non-singers" and for singers/voice professionals. It is meant for everyone who wishes to know their own voice and personal potential, and develop their energetic body.

"Vocal Self-Therapy" makes use of voice and breathing in an illness prevention and healing program that follows the methodology of Chi-kung (the art of breathing), Tai-chi and Chinese medicine, focusing on voice, breath and emotions.

Vocal Self-Therapy Courses

Recommended length of regular courses
First level for beginners (1 - 2 years, 30 - 60 hours total)
Second level for advanced learners (2 - 3 years, 60 - 90 hours total)

Contents of the regular courses
First level for beginners: tuning by voice and breath
Second level for advanced learners: tonal therapy and numeric acupuncture

About the course creator/lecturer
The designer and lecturer of the "Vocal Self-Therapy" program is the Chinese singer, voice teacher, trainer and therapist living in Prague, Feng-yűn Song CSc, PhD. For more info see Who is Feng-yűn Song